Wednesday, September 28, 2011

healing zeke

we have a trip to chicago coming soon. next week to be exact. Zeke had his outer facial Reconstruction  in february.. wow that was fun!! WE ARE BLESSED TO BE A SHRINER FAMILY. THEY HAVE COVERED HIS MEDICAL EXPENSES.. IF YOU NEED A CHARITY ..THATS A GOOD ONE! they are not just clowns with little cars. we stay at the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE.. thats another amazing charity.. they feed us wash our clothes and wipe our tears. cant get better than that. Zeke will be having a part of his pallet closed next thursaday.. if you would pray for him and pray for Elijah and Noah and my parents who are taking care of them while we are gone. we would appreciate it.   i hope to keep you updated on his time allows..Gods mercy shines on those who look up and seek his words and live in his grace. seek him know him and be amazed by the rocks he moves in your life!!!!

my life in a moment or 2..

i have a great life a busy life a blessed life. my first born . well, sorta born. no he is not an alien.  he is a chosen child. i was lucky enough to get to adopt E. for many years i couldn't get pregnant. done with fertility and almost broke from it. i was left with enough finances to adopt or one more round of fertility drugs. ADOPTION was the only answer for me.  my beautiful brown baby was born and my mom and i were blessed to be in the room when he was born. Elijah is kind sweet and my protector and simply an amazing soul. he loves cars trains planes..and me. he adores his brothers and is protective..a gentle giant.
Noah is 3...that says alot! lol.Elijah had just entered preschool when we signed up for another adopted angel. we were going full steam when worn out  i said a prayer. please God let us get through this school year..and then we will be ready for a baby. on Elijah's last day of school they called...we were picked. they had a baby for us . OUR GOD ROCKS!!! WE WENT TO TEXAS AND HE WAS BORN MONDAY AND OURS WEDNESDAY. he is sweet and cocks his head and smirks when he is being 3.  he loves cookie cake (birthday cake)  and books.  he is smart beyond his 3 years. and cries if i cry. he will eat fruit and veggies over a cheeseburger anytime!!! Noah loves Elijah and Zeke and looks for them when they are gone..
the in between...
my life fell apart and then together again. my husband and i divorced. long story not fun..but God carried us and sent us his angel .
the new
i met Chris fell madly in and amazed what a real relationship of trust and unflappability is. he loved me..he loved my boys..he gave me Zeke. my heart is forever full..he lets me fuss..wear no makeup..and loves it when i do goofy things. he has saved us from a life of no Chris..we call him T he was sent to us...i know this..
NOW Zeke... a miracle< i think that God hears us always and knows our hearts. i wanted to be a mom. more than anything. he tested my will..taught me to have FAITH and i obeyed him and in return he gave us Zeke. AKA the Zekester.  i kept passing out..had funky heart stuff..and T said i was PG..i laughed. he bought 4 yes 4 tests.. i failed them or passed. anyway i was VERY pg. we were off to the Dr. and yes there was a bean growing in me..and a tumor. yup a nasty tumor. right inside my womb.. so Dr. Nilson expected us to loose  Z. i fell on my knees and prayed. then laid face down and begged Gods mercy over this sweet child. i spotted..i heart fluttered ... i prayed. then one saturday while sitting in line for a coney.. GOD spoke through me.."it will b fine" i had peace. my FATHER heard me.funny huh! coneys!!! he is everywhere.  fast forward. a rough pg later and a mid labor not doing so well mom and baby were rushed from labor and delivery to have a c-section.yuck. we were all giggles at how this baby was stuck and stubborn...out he comes. NO CRY NO WIMPER.  all is silent. i see a nurse on my left crying i look for T he is grey and silent..they go past me with dying inside.. the dr...begins to tell me of my see he has a bilateral cleft  pallet..we had missed it on every checkup...Dr. Nilson apologised a million times. i love him...i tell him its ok my son is alive and i love his perfect imperfectness. he is beauty..the real beauty. God crafted love our journey to heal my baby.

beginners luck!

ok so for starters i have never blogged about anything..but man alive do i have lots!!! i created this page so while we are in Chi town i can post whats going on with our beautiful sweet Zeke. we leave next tuesday afternoon and hopefully we will return on saturday..depending on Zekes healing time. if you will be patient with me i will tell ya all sorts of stories and fill you in on how the man upstairs has graced my life with 3 boyz...wild..loud and in love with dirt!so here we go!!!!!