Wednesday, September 28, 2011

healing zeke

we have a trip to chicago coming soon. next week to be exact. Zeke had his outer facial Reconstruction  in february.. wow that was fun!! WE ARE BLESSED TO BE A SHRINER FAMILY. THEY HAVE COVERED HIS MEDICAL EXPENSES.. IF YOU NEED A CHARITY ..THATS A GOOD ONE! they are not just clowns with little cars. we stay at the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE.. thats another amazing charity.. they feed us wash our clothes and wipe our tears. cant get better than that. Zeke will be having a part of his pallet closed next thursaday.. if you would pray for him and pray for Elijah and Noah and my parents who are taking care of them while we are gone. we would appreciate it.   i hope to keep you updated on his time allows..Gods mercy shines on those who look up and seek his words and live in his grace. seek him know him and be amazed by the rocks he moves in your life!!!!

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