Saturday, October 1, 2011

waffles VS speghetti and other notions

its been a week....not a bad week just a BUSY week. I'm learning so many new things about myself , our marriage,my children and my faith. ...with moving to the new salon so many things are happening. i can see GOD in all of it . from the atmosphere to the happiness that beams through the people. i was working on a client,  this is the 2nd time that i have done her hair. we were talking marriage {she is getting married next week} and kids. we exchanged backgrounds hers was short...mine well, not so much. i explained E's special needs and we talked about wild man noah and then about zeke. she said i was sooo strong. i get that alot. I'm not.not at all. at all. we are given things in life, in those things we can decide to waller in the pain , or rise.i choose to  rise to the opportunity to make a wonderful life for some wonderful boys. its really not strength. its just being a mom.  so new girl  :) thank you for your helps but, i still cry, occasionally get really mad  at God {yes,you can do that}and can be a grumpalotopuss.
marriage, we are doing a study group at church its about how mens brains are like waffles and women's a bowl of spaghetti. MAN IS IT SO STINKING TRUE! man have these little pockets in there brain for each thing and part of their life. EVEN A REST POCKET. NO FAIR! our poor brains are jumbly pile o noodles..and i agree. all of our life is one big pot of do all, be all ,mess. no wonder we all need medications  ;)   it really explains alot! we multi task men do not..and yes when they are gazing at the tube ..there is really not a thing roaming in their head. and no they are not mad.
FAITH: I'm not a New believer.. just a better one. i have always believed and always loved God. i just ignored him. it at the time was my selfishness and a way i thought i could survive. i prayed..alot..but, it was a selfish prayer me me.  i i i i. now don't get me wrong  I COVER MY FAMILY IN PRAYER EVERYDAY ALL DAY.  but, i now pray for others , our leaders, doctors and teachers. i pray every year that the boys have spirit filled God fearing teachers. so far so good.   have you ever been lead to pray for and with someone you barely know? i never had until the other day. we had a sales rep at the shop she was in my room and got a call that her son had collapsed and was on his way to st. johns. she was shook. i grabbed her hand and prayed hard. i was in shock. i wasn't wordless and had Gods words flowing through me. it was AWESOME!!!! i suggest you try it..
also this was brought up at our couples class. WHEN ITS THE VERY HARDEST TO LOVE YOUR SPOUSE. LOOK AT THEM AS THOUGH YOU ARE LOOKING AT THEM WITH GODS EYES.. GONNA GIVE THIS A TRY. and no I'm pretty sure its not as chris would say a mean mugging face...

waffles are not just for breakfast and speghetti is not always best at Zios

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