Tuesday, October 11, 2011


we are home. three very simple words. much like I LOVE YOU.  its been a good week. a hard week. a hungry thirsty i rode the L and survived taxi drivers week. chicago is an amazing place. full of tall buildings navy piers and clowns. really... clowns. they all live at the Shriners hospital though... and they completly freak zeke out.                                                                                                           Zeke began running a fever saturday. it could have been earlier but we had him on tylenol and motrin all the time. so we didn't know. we needed a temp reader ...and the mcdonald house didn't have any. so we took a taxi for $ 8.50 and bought a $4.00 thermometer. and yes he was cooking.. 101.5. yuck. i wanted to cuss.alot. fever a few days after surgery is not my favorite thing! he wouldn't drink or eat. well sorta. he did have ice cream for diner!!! and i even gave him chocolate ensure ..just to feed him. we wanted home. we wanted our drs. we flew in as scheduled. BUT!!!!! we made sure with dr. sood that we should. no we did not put him in jeopardy.  we went to the ER and were immediately admitted. within a few hours of having an i.v. zeke was a little better 12 hrs and he was back to 50%. its amazing what pain meds and a little fluid will do for a baby!! we have learned the the zekester...unfortunately is not a lover o pain. duh.  i had asked that the dr and nurses at shriners to stay ahead of his pain.  they ask you whats one thing you worry about. mine was his pain. next time i will not ask i will demand it. respectfully.
       the big boys did great while we were gone...nawney and poppys house is like going to disney land. NOAH IS ALMOST POTTY TRAINED. he may not have any teeth left afterwards. candy has done the trick!! woot woot!! he is squeaking out the tiniest drops for a bite of candy...oh my...elijah worked fiercely on his reading skills. a scrabble game has done the trick for him go nawney!
       many lessons were leaned this week. no you cant blog when you only have one hand to type with.demand the care your child deserves. sleep when the baby sleeps. pack h2o with you, and a gun. taxi drivers and L must be taken with seriousness.  ;)   we have learned that our God rocks. our friends and family amaze us!!! they have fed us watched our kids prayed constantly and are creating a zeke fund so we dont have to panic just because we have to take care of the great zeke!!!    we are home. the chaos is grand and I LOVE MY PILLOW!!!!!! NIGHT ALL LOVE TO YOU AND THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!     

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