Saturday, October 29, 2011

bake sale and dripping eyes

so tonight I'm sitting here with drippy friends are hosting a bake sale for Zeke. its really overwhelming. i don't know how I'm gonna get through it. i never thought i would be in this place. i never thought i would not be able to do everything my child breaks my heart. i guess in ways i need to be realistic..this is not a normal situation..not just needing new shoes.. its pretty much gonna be a 2 million $ smile!!! yup, that's what we are told!!!! i need some prayers to get through tomorrow if you strength is low today. I'm kinda tender when it comes to my babies. Zeke is doing great. We leave tuesday for Chi town that went fast. its post op check up time. and they should give us his next  team meeting date. followed by surgery date. sorry for not posting much tis week..I'm kinda whooped this week.. night friends..i will post pics and stories

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