Wednesday, October 12, 2011


so lately i have been asked why blog? well...hmm i dunno. i have these random thoughts that wonder around my soupy brain and i need to vent. so you guys get to hear my random ramblings...and laugh at my inability to spell or punctuate. and the best part. i don't care... well< i do care..but, not enough to worry about my HORRIBLE writing skills. i only use capitalization on things that as i type they pop out in my head. and i often tell my stories in circles...sorry have fun chasing my words. lol!
        so today's challenge was simply...not crying. i know re darn diculous! my emotions are not in control at all. i have so much that I'm thinking about with Zeke, upcoming court crap, and how to be a mom,wife, daughter,hairdresser, food cooker,butt wiper,booger picker,laundry doer and me. as a mom we often get lost in all of the titles we hold. there are many hats worn by this chic. good thing i like hats!! chris is in school,army and works a full time job. so our time together is little..and usually involves moving babies from here to there. so finding the time to blog is a luxury and something i enjoy..something that helps me to remember me..a me
  HANG ON...HERE IS ONE OF THOSE CHANGE UPS...    i have learned alot in the past few years. things rarely stay the same. so if your in a big steamy pile o poo..wait it out. its going to change. really it will. sometimes it changes for the golden pile of poo and sometimes it changes into what you needed it to be. put on your gas mask wade through it and go on. simple to say i know. but, trust me i really know. it will improve. and if it doesn't improve reevaluate your positon and MOVE THE HECK OUT OF THE Area. there is nothing that says you have to live like that. wow that's the randomness i was talking about..i think sometimes we think in STATUS thoughts lol!                                                                     
   what are you wading in? are you ok?? so you want more than just a few stolen mommy moments?so i have a friend who blogs and people ask her any for me? my email is now if your rude and horrible I WILL BLOCK YOU AND LOCK THIS PUPPY UP. i have no time for drama. so lets play! ask away!!or even leave it in the comment section...

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