Wednesday, October 5, 2011

angels and airplanes

So we have arrived. I have written a thousand blogs in my head now..but lucky you this is the one you get tday. Upoun getting to the airport my nerves set in. Horribly. Then I see the smallest danger plane get to the gate. S@*#. We are sitting and waiting when in front of us sits a dapper pilot. Then I look at his cheesy grin. Its Mike Andreoli!!! One of my very very best friends....he is riding on our plane to go to Dulles to go to work....he would deny this but he was an angel yesterday. .he calmed my worried nerves...God sends us just what we need. Then our ticket man had a cleft!! He was a patient of Shriners in Galveston! We were amazed. He spoke to us about what a great life he has now...keyword now. Growing up was horrible he said children were awful. I know what to start praying for now. Zeke is awake now...we are going for preop at ten. The tears are still flowing. ..I wonder who our angel will be today..Thanks for all the texts and prayers it really and miss you all. Elijah and noey, mommy loves you. Remember look at the stars..God made them just for us and he even calls them by name. Love and kisses.

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