Thursday, October 6, 2011


OK so Zeke is now in Surgery. They gave him goofy juice..wish he would share. We asked God to be his surgeon. ..we know he will. Jen and Liv came and stayed with us until and after they took him. He has a great fan club here. The no hunger prayers worked wonderfully! He only signed more after his goofy juice. LOL!!! We are all amazed by his courage and strength. Chris picked out his cast! One orange one black...go pokes! They will stitch his tongue outside his helps with breathing. They say he will have swelling. Last time he looked like a we expect it. Chris is strong and said a beautiful prayer over him..I tried and sounded like Minnie mouse praying. Bleh. ..its already been such a long day. We met a girl and her mom from the Chicago area. Their daughter has spina bifida (sp ). Their testimony was amazing..they thought she would be paralyzed yet she walks...she is a swimmer! We talked of the fact that these kids that have difficulties are true warriors!we said our goodbyes. Then about 20 minutes later she found us and wanted to buy our diner!!!! We didn't let her...we ask that she donate it to the Shriners. ...we are blessed each time we are here by the people we meet. The kindness from strangers is overwhelming. I will update and post pics as I can. The song I hear now still and know I'm here. I'm listening. .praying and hanging on to my God.

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