Sunday, October 2, 2011

3boyz and a little dedication

as parent we assume many roles... snot wiper ..lunch packer..clothes picker outer..hand holder..heart mender..guidance counselor..and word of God  filler upper!today chris and i took a big step. one of the biggest a parent can do. we promised before man and God to teach our children about God and his right hand man. my knees shook. I'm not sure if it was being on the stage or if it was the fact that this is not like promising pizza for diner. Elijah seemed to understand. he was impressed with his BIBLE and tore the wrapper off like it was a hot wheel car. the audience agreed in prayer for the boys and it made me sob.  our family surrounded us and our pastors lead a prayer that I'm still hearing in my head. its all overwhelming to sit in a church and know that we are all there for the same reason. much like going to a maroon 5 concert! i look around and see people all singing Gods praise and my heart is happy. i cant imagine what God hears on sundays.. i bet he wishes he could hear all that praise 7 days a week. this week our journey begins. we begin anew. i hope you all have a blessed week. my prayer for you is that you feel just as we did today..filled with love and filled with Gods grace. 

He said to them" Because of your little faith. for truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there,' and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you."

now go move mountains. were gonna...starting with 3boyz.

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