Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the devils playground

so we all are given tests and trials. everyday we face something. whether it be passing a test at school, driving without cussing, or just working on being a better spouse or mom. a sermon that Pastor Toby gave awhile back made me think. he spoke about how the DEVIL is ever present in our lives. his sermon has been about the good life..we all are on the lookout for it..we all want it. do we realize that the devil comes with that?  the closer we are in spirit with God the more the devil pulls on our hearts. and man is he sneaky!!!!! as with any relationship when there is good there is bad.                                     
    recently T and i have been pushed and pulled..stretched beyond what we can take. by ourselves. first there were no funds for our travels..my heart doubted...then there was no place for us to stay..again i doubted...then a huge bill came in..we paid it..then another we paid it...then a last one. I OPTED TO WAIT UNTIL WE GOT HOME. we got home from chi town only to be back in the hospital. i still waited. holding on to our money so that i felt SAFE.i didn't  TRUST.. they shut our gas off. reality.hit straight in the face. well, maybe it was the cold shower. man is that humbling. we paid it. then the man came to turn it back on. it was a man I STRONGLY DISLIKE.( in the past he had said very ugly and hurtful things to me) a friend of the X. craptastic. and embarrassing.so now we have the gas back on yay..then while we were in chi town my x sends a letter via attorney about custody issues..more...chris begins having car issues..then i find out my health insurance is cancelled.. the hardest is T and I have a disagreement...we never fight...we just don't..and then we did...then while at WORK HE LOSES HIS WEDDING RING...my heart is broke. it was a complete and total accident.his heart was broke...with all that's going on that was my wake up. THE DEVIL IS HAVING A HAY DAY WITH US!!!
        so we talked about this playground we have given satan to play in...and last night we locked him out...he is no longer allowed in our good life.. yes we know he will keep stopping by. it just wont take us so long next time to realise whats going on...is the devil working on you? causing chaos at home, work, church, in your relationship with GOD. cast him out shut his scheming ways out.YOU HOLD THAT POWER.. set your Armour out the night before. suit up. i guarantee you that he is peering into your life and trying to fit into the gaps...fill those gaps with the glue of the spirit..be strong..be brave and above all dont forget to trust and never doubt the power of our lord.

" For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this worlds, against spiritual wickedness in high places. wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day. "

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