Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh what a year.

three boys equal a whole lotta noise...laundry muddy shoes and hugs.  the boys have sure kept us busy lately.  Noah...our busy boy our entertainer. well, he recently woke up s a dragon..i go into his room each morning never knowing what to expect...and there he was in his crib wearing his halloween dragon costume headpiece...oh my. he rolled over and growled. man are we aver gonna be in trouble with that one!! Zekey poo...well he is showing his colors more everyday. he is loving having found feet. he runs  everywhere!! he puts his arms behind him as he runs and flaps them!! he also loves to bonk his daddy on the head and giggles wildly!!! Elijah...well, he is learning so much.  we have decided that he needs chores responsibility. So he is emptying the dishwasher..not doing to bad!  the other night while i was tucking him in he told me that he likes going to sleep because he dreams, and dreaming is like watching tv in his head. funny boy.
all the boys are growing so fast in their faith. Our church team is amazing. i love hearing how they know that its JESUS birthday.. Elijah has great memory for the BIBLE stories he is learning. it amazes me. he struggles so in school but, has such a heart for SAMSON and JOSEPH. it makes me so proud. i can see GOD flowing in there hearts.

T and I have been blessed. what has been a rough and stressful year is coming to an end.  our love is strong...our FAITH is mighty. we have vowed to GOD to be here for each other forever...and whats we are gonna do it. we have been slammed in the face many times this year and we keep moving. the stress at times unbearable. Gods mercy has held us though. We both have new jobs and are working harder than ever to provide stability love and fun  :) for our boys.
We have a busy year ahead, more surgeries for Zeke, elijahs tests results, and taming Noah.  im sure we will meet some struggles. with each other our faith and families we Will persevere. i hope your year is as blessed as ours has been. God bless you and keep you and may your house be built on the rock...

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