Monday, December 12, 2011

pins and needles and a little thing called nuerofibromitosis

ok so we have all had stress ...some a little some alot... personally i think it sucks.. so immediately after my last post T called me and he had been laid off. REALLY!!! who does that right before the holiday...grr. But, we stayed stead fast in Gods word and he got a new job and a raise. AMEN. God id funny though... ha! his job is in pryor..funny man that God is. We will be a little more specific in our job prayers from now on.  :)
Elijah has gone through some issues this last month that have made us make some tough decisions.. E has sensory processing disorder and a slew of things that go with it. so he is my tender hearted one. he has a hard time separating from me and is developmentally lagging...alot. we have a great team in place to help him to be the best at life that he can be. socially some things are different for him. friends are tough to keep when your heart breaks easily. He does very well with younger children and is MIGHTY  protective of his PEOPLE. (ME)(T) and bubbies...
When Elijah was 1 month old we noticed some birth marks that are a sign of nurofibromitosis (SP). it causes learning delays, blindness , deafness, and tumors that grow on nerve endings. its awful.truly a horrible horrible thing.. we have always know of the genetic test we can do to find out for sure if he has it...but, my heart wasn't ready . not that its ready now...we just need answers. i need to help my baby, i need to plan for what may be in store. my God is awesome and he is holding my heart and making me breath .i pick up the paper work tomorrow and we will go test. it will take several weeks to find out the results.  it will be a long few weeks. if you will hold us in prayer..


  1. praying for you all. praying the time passes quickly and that you are comforted when the answers come.