Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i hate it when the words come so late...but, here they are. so here iam.  have you ever been humbled? jeez lois this past few years i have.  i have been through some things that realy i thought only happened on lifetime movies. really. it at times even makes me shake my head in wonderment! chris lost/ got laid off from his job monday. crap. craptastic. crapola. CRAP. 3 kids no job...oh my. i had just written about faith and blah blah blah, and he called to tell me about being laid off. man alive i tell ya what. i cried briefly...elijah caught me. so right then and there i knew no more. i had to toughen up. Im the example they will go by. if i fear so will i put on my game face and trudged on. kinda.  i told T i loved him ,,,very much and prayed. asked for prayer and prayed some more..then i wonder ok...whats next. this is where the humble bit plays. i had to think long term...all the what ifs. now i know Gods not gonna let us starve and be without shelter..but, im not dumb either..he gave me a we began looking at all the resources we might need. so you know that at least 15 out of 100 people use food pantries to fill gaps in income... do you know that right now there are families that both have jobs but, there wages are so low that they have to have assistance in feeding there families.  if you don't know this...THEN WAKE THE HECK UP AND TAKE OFF YOUR DARN BLINDERS. the world ain't so pretty right now.  and guess what..not just one president caused this
ok so im off my soap box.
we have had people donate to Zeke for the bake sale...some angels gave us tickets to the Christmas Train...C&E...we love you...we had friends give us hundreds ..yes hundreds of $ to help us with whatever we needed.theses friends< they were /are in a storm of their own!! .  the list is huge...really huge. i wish i could repay them all in some form...i will someday..and its not just the donations...its the friendship and love that is unreal..sometimes you look at your life and wonder where your friends are...well, its hard to see them ...cause they are the ones holding you up.
chris went to school tonight and found out he has a job!! PTL! AMEN. so we start another new chapter tomorrow..hang on folks this is gonna be fun!!!

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