Friday, November 4, 2011

the incredible sale of baked goods!!!!

  1. ok so can you say i love me some lemon bars,whoopie pies and cookies!!! and dont forget Tammy's,Allison,Amara,Sharon's, Stephs,the cake queen,nekia,and Kathy's buddy... oh so yummies!!I KNOW I'M FORGETTING SOMEONE...SO  PLEASE KNOW THANK YOU ALL!! i walk into to the church and Tisha is sitting there surrounded by all sorts of donated bake goods!!!! people who i have NEVER met  donated and loved Zeke... Lori from SWEET SINSATIONS tea room donated about 100 cake balls!!!!! our hearts were over flowing with love... its hard to imagine being in a place where you need help but, ant imagine asking.  our friends filled the gap...filled our cup and have made a way for us to not worry so much.  our trips are VERY EXPENSIVE. our medical is covered by insurance ..but neither one of us have sick or vacation time. the bills come in anyway. We have to pay for all of Chris's travel expenses he rarely can go with me. i need him with me...Zeke needs him. the people who donated have made it possible for Chris to go with me and Zeke..for his next trip... to our sweet friends Chris and Elisabeth who walked up at the end and said "we want to buy whats everything that's left." and we all just stood there dumbfounded...our hearts go out to you...we love and cherish you...  GOD BLESS YOU...

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